Project Management

At Lathrop, we know great project management is vital to its success and ultimately your return on investment. Over the past 30 years, we've established and perfected key processes that ensure every step of this very intricate undertaking goes smoothly. We can tackle product development and manufacturing complexities for you and take the worry out of them, so you can focus on your core business needs.

Our Program Managers are all highly accomplished individuals who will customize and develop strategic plans based on the specific needs of your project, and then foster development from concept to commercial product. They'll also provide you with a thorough analysis of project requirements, identify risks up front with actionable plans for mitigation, and make sure it stays within scope. Our proven processes, planning expertise and clear and constant communication lets us give you the best possible product outcome. We'll also ensure you have the lowest transfer costs and instrumentation COGS that let you maintain high product margins without sacrificing quality.

Our expertise includes:

  • Client relationship
  • Project planning
  • Strategy development
  • Communications management
  • Risk management
  • BOM management
  • Team management
  • Vendor and supplier management
  • Contracts and proposal management